The Ocean

What is an ocean? Is it simply a large swath of water or something deeper? Something integral to humanity, physically and metaphysically. Our ancestors traveled across physical oceans in search of a better life for themselves, their families, and the descendants that would follow them. The ocean represented a frontier of sorts, a manifestation of the unknown that is both scary, and important to the spiritual development of both a person, and societies as a whole.

In the modern age, has humanity lost our metaphysical ocean, have we lost the element of mystery and hardship that crossing an ocean once represented? Humanity consciously desires comfort, stability, and safety, but unconsciously yearns for the challenges, mysteries, and adventures that the ocean represented to our forefathers. Technology has made life easier, but at what cost? Humanity has abundant food, shelter, the world’s knowledge at their fingertips through the internet, but what is missing? Why are humans ever gradually becoming more and more depressed, more and more despondent at the state of their own lives, and the state of the world?

The physical ocean still exists, but the metaphysical ocean, the ocean that once represented everything that makes life worth living, is quickly disappearing. The question that now plagues humanity is, what is our modern day “ocean”, what metaphysical vast expanse of mystery, danger, and excitement can take the place of the physical expanse that fulfilled humanity’s essential need of hardship and discomfort? This is the question that we will be struggling with in the coming years. This is the question that we must answer if humans are to rediscover their external, and internal ocean, the very thing that makes life worth living, the very thing that makes us truly human.

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