The Loss of Hope and Imagination

The loss of hope and imagination strikes at the very heart of who we are physically, intellectually, and spiritually. As children, we are born with an innate sense of wonder, a desire to view the world through a special lens where everyday objects, sounds, and events take on a mysterious, and magical element. Colors are more vivid, simple pleasures more enjoyable, the world is bigger, and the future seems bright, happy, and full of hidden surprises.

The years pass by, the sights, sounds, smells, and colors become less vivid. Everyday objects and events that once held hidden mysteries full of wonder lose what once made the world beautiful and special. What are we losing as we age, why does the world seem smaller, why does there seem to be “less magic” in the world as there once was when we were children? Is it the loss of innocence? Does innocence correspond to hope and imagination?

How do we regain what we have lost? How do we regain that special indescribable spark that gives the world a sense of wonder? The answer is our innocence. The answer is to never “grow up”. At least not completely.

Viewing the world through the lens of a child gives individuals and humanity a divine spark from God that inspires us to achieve what was once seen as foolish, or impractical. To bring forth the childlike beauty that we all experience as children, and release it into the world. We cannot truly establish the kingdom of God unless we rediscover our own inner child, unless we find the imagination, hope, and creativity that we have lost as our bodies age.

The Kingdom of God exists within each of us. Deep deep down, hidden away in the childlike hope, and innocence that we have since forgotten. Rediscover it within yourself, and the world will soon rediscover it as well.

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