Travis Allen’s Take Back CA Adventures (Part 1)

The wind rustled the trees as the sun set, the sound of the ocean was calming.

Travis’s face reflected the orange glow of the sun. His eyes were both melancholic while also showing contentment. After all, his business was doing well. The COVID 19 pandemic had led to a rash of bankruptcies. Financially stable Californians whose retirements had once been secure were now seeking financial advice regarding the best ways in which to salvage what funds remained in their once secure life savings.

His mind wandered back to the events of the past two years, as it always did. How close he had come to potentially saving CA. Travis’s campaign for governor had made local and national news. All he needed was the endorsement of the one person who could have given his campaign legitimacy, and the funds and resources to challenge then democrat candidate Gavin Newsom.

The betrayal of Donald Trump and the CA GOP had been a painful blow; one that had not yet fully healed.

Travis had tried again a year later in an attempt to take the chairmanship of the CA GOP. If elected, a drastic transformation of the CA GOP would have occurred. No longer would it be the laughingstock of the nation. Once the most powerful state affiliate of the national GOP, it had been reduced to a state of ruin due to corruption, mismanagement, and weak leadership.

Again, Travis was betrayed.

The sun had fully set below the ocean now. The stars began to appear in the sky, as the moon’s light reflected against the green waters of the pacific.

One of the great battles we face in life is the decision to settle. The path towards greater heights is riddled with obstacles and disappointments. Is it better to give up and live a life of relative happiness? Away from the burdens of leadership, and the pains of failure? When do we make that decision?

This was one of the great choices that Travis would be forced to make in the coming years. His political aspirations were at a standstill. His social media following was still among the best in the nation but Facebook likes and shares are no substitute for money and powerful political endorsements.

Endorsements that had so far eluded Travis in his political campaigns.

The sky was pitch black now.

Travis had made his decision.



5 thoughts on “Travis Allen’s Take Back CA Adventures (Part 1)

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  1. Wow, that story just broke my heart, in more than one place. Travis, you had my vote then & always. Take care & God bless you.


  2. Trump did not f’ck Travis. Rino’s who provided Trump advice on who he should endorse did. The McCarthy’s, Brulte’s and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s of CA politics.


  3. TRAVIS ALLEN if you are REALLY going to run then srep up so We The People know for sure then we will back you all the way. But beating a dead horse isn’t helping us win the governor’s election.


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