Travis Allen Will Be the Greatest California Politician Since Reagan, Here’s Why

During the course of my childhood in California, I always enjoyed watching the original Star Wars trilogy. The heroism, sacrifice, and ultimate victory of good over evil created a desire within me to fight a desperate struggle against a more powerful adversary. Perhaps this is what inspired me to enter the political fray in California. The chance to fight on the side of a smaller GOP, against a larger, better funded, more cunning, and more popular democrat party within the state.

In Return of the Jedi, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, and an elite rebel strike team must land on the forest moon of Endor to disable a shield generator protecting the Death Star from attack. Without the destruction of the shield generator, the rebel fleet wont be able to breach the Death Star’s defenses and destroy it.

The plot of the film closely mirrors our current political environment both at the state and national level. One can even replace many of the characters in the movie with current real life political figures.

Han Solo would be Travis Allen, the charismatic one time assemblyman and governor candidate who is currently running for CA GOP Chairman with the goal of saving the CA GOP from imploding upon itself.

The elite rebel strike team would be Travis’s volunteer base, a loyal, experienced, and battle hardened collection of political warriors, ready for any and all escapades.

The imperial soldiers defending the shield generator on Endor would be the California democrat party, as well as the Silicon Valley tech elite. Silicon Valley provides a shield for democrats across the nation, while also censoring republicans who they perceive as potential threats. The collection of high profile democrat politicians such as Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris, and Dianne Feinstein protect big tech, and make sure they are able to conduct their campaign of information control unimpeded.

The rebel fleet would be the national republican party, led by Donald Trump. The fleet desperately wants to deliver a crippling blow to the DNC Death Star but can’t breach big tech’s censorship shield which is protected by the California democrats.

Finally, the Death Star would be the national democrat party, a weapon of unspeakable evil, that if left unchallenged, will destroy all freedom, and happiness throughout the Galaxy/United States.

Writing science fiction political analogies are fun of course, but in reality, they really do have real world applicability

Basically in a nutshell, in order for the CA GOP to have any hope of ever winning again in California, a strike team of battle hardened volunteers led by Travis Allen will have to pull off the impossible in an extremely hostile environment. This is not a task for the faint of heart, but if anyone can do it, Travis Allen can.

There is a saying that is often repeated,  ‘so goes California, so goes the nation‘, the saying isn’t true all of the time, but most of the time it is. In order for Republicans to win nationally after a less than stellar midterm performance, we must win in California.

In order for the GOP to win in California, we don’t just need politicians, we need heroes. We need charismatic leaders that are known on the national stage, as well as the state level. If one thing was proven during the midterms, it’s that the leadership at the CA GOP is out of touch, and out of ideas. It is time for the CA GOP to come up with a new strategy, formulated by new people. This doesn’t mean taking up moderate policies with the goal of being more appealing to California voters, this means getting back to the basics of what made the CA GOP great in the first place.

Travis Allen has the heroic qualities and charisma the CA GOP desperately needs to make a comeback in the state. Travis has 500,000 followers on social media, the largest and most active grassroots volunteer base in the state, and the back to basics strategy required for the GOP to appeal to the common sense California voter.

If Travis Allen is elected CA GOP chairman, the first battle of many will be won, and California republicans will have taken the first step back towards relevancy. If the CA GOP can make a comeback in California, it will be the blueprint for the national GOP to regain house seats in 2022.


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