Why the California Democrats are Terrified of Losing Obamacare

The California Democrats had everything in the bag. They had achieved a super majority in the California legislature, the Mueller investigation was proceeding on as planned, and a seven year old girl had just died at the border, giving them ample ammunition to tug at the heart strings of their highly impressionable but not too bright base. Yes, life was good if you were a California democrat, until today. Why you may ask? Well, because Obamacare is dead, it was killed by a federal judge in Texas, and now, life is about to get really really bad for the California democrats.

You see, when you spend years and years bringing in illegal immigrants from central America, who’s sole purpose is to provide the party with votes and permanently remain on welfare, you have to create certain programs that will appease them. You give them scholarships, preferential treatment in all facets of life, and continue to spout slogans like, ‘everyone belongs here’, and ‘no room for hate’ to make them feel special and secure. You hope this will pacify them, and every two years, they will vote democrat and the circle of life will continue in California, Republicans will move out, immigrants move in, the poor will stay poor, and the rich will get richer.

Now, this is where the democrats screwed up. They assumed that with Obamacare seemingly not going anywhere anytime soon, they could leech the taxpayers of California, as well as the federal government, to pay for their illegal immigrant’s healthcare. This would work great for the California democrats, assuming Obamacare remained the law of the land for the immediate future, but now, the California democrats are going to have to pick up the tab.

The rural republican counties in California are already used to being screwed by the coastal elite, so nothing will particularly change on that end, but it’s the coastal populations that will become increasingly hostile to a Gavin Newsom led government, who’s only solution will be to raise taxes. If the CA GOP is smart, they will take full advantage of the impending chaos to come.

If the CA GOP develops a new healthcare plan, that gives lower income families low cost emergency health coverage and middle class/upper class families a system where providers from across the country come to California, regardless of state lines, and compete for business, the GOP will win a large percentage of the coastal vote it so badly needs if it wants to recover it’s influence in the state.

The CA democrats are a ticking time bomb, the CA GOP must be ready to strike when the iron is hot.



3 thoughts on “Why the California Democrats are Terrified of Losing Obamacare

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  1. I am glad Obama care is dead! Made a burden on tax paying citizens. They were punished for working and earning good wages. While people who didn’t work took advantage. There was already welfare, free insurance from the government and hospitals would write off balances for people with low incomes!

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  2. The left will not be able to prop up this state for long with taxpayers hard earned dollars. The middle class is leaving the state in droves. We are still trying. However, some of the other states that are taking in the Californians and other high taxed state citizens are turning purple. Those states will suffer the same outcome. They will have to raise taxes, the properties are getting more and more expensive. In fact if we COULD get the Republicans to win in California we may be able to stop some of the insanity here. What do you think?

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