Deep State Panic! Putin Gives Trump Valuable Info To Take Down The Clintons And Obamas.

The deep state is in full blown panic mode. The meeting between Trump and Putin was the realization of their greatest fears. All of the child sex trafficking, the crooked financial deals, the arms sales, the backdoor deals with foreign powers, all of it is known by Russia, and all of it can be weaponized by Trump to take the deep state down, for the right price of course….

MSNBC, CNN, and left wing pundits and politicians across the country were calling for outright revolution in the streets today after the “disastrous” and “traitorous” meeting between Trump and Putin in Helsinki on Monday.  You would think Trump had revealed classified information, or promised to give 20% of the United States uranium supply to Putin, in return for political favors, oh wait, that was Hillary, never mind.  Anyways, it was mass chaos on whichever news station you tuned into today.

Many high profile democrats such as Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi, had pleaded with the president to forgo the meeting, arguing that it would endanger national security, and be inappropriate, especially with the never ending Russia investigation going on, emphasis on the “never ending” part.

Now, I had published an article days ago, that Putin had secrets on the Clinton’s that he would be willing to give up for certain assurances from Trump. At first, after the Helsinki meeting with Trump being dominated by Putin, I had been concerned, and then I began to think about it. One can only assume that Putin would demand he “win” the meeting between the two world leaders, to 1, look good on the world stage, and 2, gain a massive PR boost in his native Russia. In return, Trump receives the intelligence on the deep state and Clinton’s that he has so desired but been restricted from, due to the corrupt FBI, Justice Department, and CIA which have actively worked to sabotage Trump at every turn. News broke earlier this week that the Clinton campaign had received 400 million from Russia as a campaign contribution, this story was of course quickly buried by the MSM, but the deep state was beginning to get extremely nervous. They had to think to themselves, “what if Trump and Putin are alone together?”, “What will Putin reveal?”, “That bastard was supposed to play for us when we gave him the uranium, dammit!”.

The game is almost over, and the deep state cabal knows it. Continue to have faith in Trump, and don’t listen to the media narrative. We can win, but we have to stay the course, and not become distracted by media lies, and falsehoods.



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  1. Those that need revelation concerning the Putin, Trump meetng here ya go: AS A CHRISTIAN MAN, It only makes sense that Trump would have God leading him. Read where God said,” don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing and keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer.


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